Attending a seminar by Weinhouse Research

I will be attending “The Whys and Hows of Integrating Web Collaboration into Business Processes and Applications” this February. Speakers to this seminar are :-

Speaker Alan Greenberg
Alan D. Greenberg, Senior Analyst & Partner at Wainhouse Research, is practice manager for the company’s Distance Education and eLearning advisory service. He also covers mobile conferencing and communications technologies for education and eLearning. Author of the three-volume report, The Distance Education and e-Learning Landscape, he has almost 25 years’ experience as consultant, analyst, communicator, and strategist.

Speaker Andy Nilssen
Andy Nilssen, Senior Analyst & Partner at Wainhouse Research, has been a primary contributor to the Wainhouse Research portfolio of services, management consulting, training, and competitive analysis, since January 2000. Andy’s primary focus is on audio/VoIP conferencing infrastructure, web conferencing, and IM/Presence technologies, user trends, and solution providers.