In the blue city of Manchester

And in the words of Rocky Maivia Jr. and the philosopher Ricky Gervais, finally the idiot has arrived in Manchester.

A very long but worthwhile flight. Now in Manchester, where I regard as my second home. It’s very nook and cranny like the back of my hand in a poorly lit room. How I missed the weather, all rain and grey and cold. I have grown a liking towards this winter wonder. Here is where you can have a long walk without sweating buckets of electrolytes. Here is where a multicultural society has strived and prospered living together. This is the city of Manchester it is and I love every bit of its wind, every honk of its trams.

I am here for a reason. To undertake a PhD with the great University of Manchester. Of 400 odd buildings and a wealth of research and expertise, this university has always been my most preferred destination. This city will be my home for several years and I can say that I have returned home.