Leadership Course

This came in the inbox today, around a month late but the school did mention of the factor behind the delay and all things considered it had no impact on my learning experience.


I’ve done several leadership courses, the most recent being the abovementioned from the University of Leicester. Prior to this I enrolled in an Executive Leadership course with Cornell University but never made the inclination to complete it due to commitments to my main study. The Cornell University course, together with the postgraduate law with Queen Mary University of London, are the only two programmes that I am yet to complete but put aside to focus on my PhD – which has the highest stakes. I will certainly continue with these side courses in a year’s time once I complete my PhD.

Leadership courses to me are highly relevant; having worked with the Minister. It is not the pursuit of being a leader nor do I believe I am one, far from it. Rather it is towards having an understanding of how leaders work and how to work with them, for them. So taking these courses to me keeps me toe to toe with leaders that I work with and I have worked with a few amazing and astute individuals. I am hoping one day to complete a course under IMD or Stanford. For now, the University of Leicester programme which carries postgraduate MBA units is fitting to my needs.