My journey as a Google Developer

On 31st October 2017 I was awarded a scholarship to undertake the Google Developer Challenge. The 3 + 6 months programme is offered to a handful of technologists out of more than 1 million applicants all over the world, to train in either the Web track or the Mobile Specialist track. I opted for the Mobile Specialist Track seeing that I am currently involved with Mobile apps development.


Scholars of the Google Developer Challenge who have satisfied Google’s requirements on technical expertise and participation are then awarded another scholarship to complete a Nanodegree with Udacity.

My journey through the scholarship has been a love-hate relationship. Throughout November I diligently watched the tutorial videos, read the notes, and attempted the test. At first the lessons were right up my level. However, as the programme progressed, the learning curve became very steep, so much so that the programming language used were not familiar to me; in part due to them being very recent addendums to current conventions such as Java and Python. Below is one example of the questions integrated into the lessons:


I put the programme aside for the whole month of December, but picked it up again this January with a fresh approach to solving these programming riddles. As soon as I solved the first few challenging ones, solving the others became second nature. This explained why the scholarship is called Google Developer Challenge. It is meant to be a programme that gradually challenges the learner with tricky questions.

I have completed the programme. 10 lessons in all. Each lesson more challenging than the next with an average of 4 hours spent per lesson. Arguably the programme can be completed in a month, but being able to pace oneself is an advantage of the challenge. The whole programme itself costs £999.00 so being awarded the scholarship is indeed a privilege. As recommended by Google, I am displaying my Scholarship badge on my profile to the left.

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