Real-time mobile learning

So I am currently on a train homebound to Manchester from London. With me is my mobile phone, a powerbank, and a bottle of water. I just sent my parents on their way to a few days in London and there was no need for me to equip myself with anything other than my battle-worn iPhone 4.

Since this is a 2 hour ride, I sneaked into the book store in search of something to read. I have to be honest, if there was ever an award on the world’s pickiest reader I am in with a good shout. The last book that I bought that I truly enjoyed reading was Ted Hughes’ Tales from Ovid. I roam the aisles of bookstores for hours and come out with nothing. Considering that I used to be an English teacher delivering advocation for reading, I myself have long abandoned the joy of physical books. My literature soup has unfortunately evolved into white papers and documents of national interest, unable to escape from the perpetual belief that book writers and novelists inject shades of subjectivity that are of acquired taste. I do enjoy reading as I was brought up with siblings who indulged in reading towered by walls of books, but currently it takes more than a bestseller or Nobel/ Pulitzer writer to entice. None of the current crop has struck a chord.

Emptyhanded, here I am in the train now reaching Stoke-on-Trent with mobile in hand. During my journey what I did instead was read on my MBA modules for this week and complete the unit and its assessment. So effectively I spent my time on the train performing mobile learning.

image image image image imageimageThis for me is a testament that mobile learning while actually being physically mobile can be a worthwhile time investment. I found no difficulty in going through my notes and the internet was sufficient to cover low data hypermedia.

I now have another hour or so to kill and I plan to complete my draft for an article that has since been resent back to me with suggested revisions from the Asian Englishes journal. And no I’m not completing the article on andesktop, laptop or tablet. The small iPhone 4 is adequate for word formatting.

In 2 hours I have done really mobile mobile learning. Definitely not the first in the world, but a first account in my blog :)