Brunei Student Research Symposium
Presented a report on the prospect of implementing online learning in Brunei Darussalam taking into context global and regional trends as well as local results and findings based on the Online Learner Profiling data collection.


European Distance and E-Learning Network Workshop
Presented a conference paper reporting on my Online Learner Profiling questionnaire design and pilot study results.


Design and Technology Workshop Day 1 
In this day 1 workshop, I trained 50 secondary D&T teachers on the fundamentals of pedagogical approaches in general based on learning styles followed by a specific focus on educational technology pedagogies with relevance to Web2.0, virtual and personal learning environments. The workshop ended with activities in identifying theoretical, practical, reflective, evaluative and summative aspects of teaching design and technology.


Design and Technology Workshop Day 2
In this day 2 workshop, I trained 5o secondary D&T teachers on how to create VLEs using remote hosted LMS platforms. The tutorial revolved around the use of Ning but also extended to other types of LMS.


Conference Paper – Teaching and learning in Secondlife
Paper presented during the 14th International Conference on Education exploring the use of Secondlife in education.


Conference Paper – Current trends and tempo on using internet-based virtual environments for education
Paper presented during the 14th International Conference on Education exploring the use of several forms of VLEs and the suggestions of using VLEs, PLEs, and hybrid PLEs based on teaching contexts.



University of Manchester sharing session on using Ning platform
This review on the Ning platform as a VLE for blended learning was presented to postgraduates under the learning with technology module.



Conference Paper Presentation on Slideshow design
For this conference paper, I presented the issue of aesthetics in designing teaching aids that are appealing to the students. This design based research considered feedback from the sample student population on what constitutes an attractive design for teaching aids including colours, themes and layouts. One caveat is that aesthetic is temporary and what has been presented in this slide is likely no longer relevant to current trends.