Social Media and Education

The significance of social media in education is a salient part of my research. It is I perceive as the democratic, if not anarchistic, side of the internet, with the more totalitarian side being Blackboard, Sharepoint and its relatives. Each with their own pros and cons.

I will be reflecting on the roles of social media in education in instalments throughout the next 3 months. It is in a way fodder to my thoughts. An intriguing reflective stance will be my use of these social networks and what I personally regard as adding leverage to its use in education. I will also explore my self justifications as to why I opted for certain Web2.0 but not others. And an interesting enclave of thoughts would be for the use of aesthethic Web2.0 such as getglue, digg, delicious, foursquare, pinterest and their relatives as unlike other Web2.0, user contribution is predetermined by circumstances and serendipity.

With each reflection, I attempt to associate with findings in literature within the constraints of education. For example, literature on Facebook in education is immense. Likewise with twitter – now being utilised as a researcher tool. On the other hand, Google Plus may need more trawling and in certain cases cross adaptation with other fields of non-interest.

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  1. Shirley says:

    I think both c and x versions have snotehimg to offer, and see each as fulfilling different roles and purposes, so I reject any suggestion that xMOOCs hold any kind of supremacy. (It all depends on what you mean by supremacy of course). What I expect to happen will be new hMOOCs emerging – hybrid xcMOOCs that will feature the best of both worlds, to cater for new markets as they also emerge.