Teaching Minecraft for language learning

I made a few videos on Minecraft in education, specifically for language learning and had my daughter contribute to a bit of the material. The videos were intended to introduce our postgraduate students (english teachers by profession) to the use of Gamification as part of their technology arsenal; Minecraft being one of a few that was given floor time. I also talked about Scribblenauts but opted not to expand to the public school use of Lexia Core.

I presented an introductory walk-through for our on-campus Masters students and complemented the session with these off the cuff videos for an in-depth exploration and for our distance learners.

Several elements that were presented include the fundamentals of Minecraft, ┬áprogressing to language learning through push-the-button treasure hunts and multiple choice rooms, local and remote server multiplayers and a testament of Minecraft’s kid-friendliness with a 7 year old showcasing her several minutes worth of work on Minecraft – everything recorded in real-time for 1 and a half hours, split here into three videos to make life easier when uploading to YouTube with an asymmetrical broadband.

I plan to truncate the duration and improve on the voice-over in the future with revised videos but these current ones will serve their purpose for now.

Part 1 – Introduction to Minecraft and its affordances

Part 2 – Minecraft ideas for language learning

Part 3 – Minecraft collaborative learning and kid-friendly interface