Top 10 School Websites (, in line with the need to disseminate 21st Century Education, has embarked on identifying the top Bruneian school websites. From the 47 websites scrutinized, I am able to compile a Top 10 list. The criteria for inclusion in this list included design aspects, conforming to IWA standards, update frequency, browser cross compatibility, content organisation, novelty and objectives. The criteria list is however not exhaustive as evaluation was done holistically. In addition, tertiary institutions and purely international schools are not included in the evaluation process. The Top 10 School Websites are as follows :-

ShaiOmarali Top 10 Local School Websites

01. Kg. Mata Mata Primary School 9
02. Katok Sixth Form Centre 8
03. Seri Mulia Sarjana School 8
04. Tungku Primary School 7
05. Kiarong Primary School 7
06. St. George’s School 6
07. Pengkalan Batu Primary School 6
08. Rimba 2 Primary School 5
09. Semaun Secondary School 5
10. PDNPJ Sengkarai Primary School 4

Links to these schools can be found in the sidebar.