Educators. Join me in my Minecraft realm

I just setup a Minecraft Pocket Edition realm where I hope to create a sandbox environment for teachers to just try out Minecraft and understand how to use Minecraft for Learning. It is different from my Minecraft server which runs on CPU. I will be presenting a paper in July in a Gamification conference in Barcelona so for me this would be an opportunity to create a community of inquiry among teachers as well, and we can stay mobile!

If anyone wants to participate in a collaborative Minecraft environment, you can e-mail me your X-Box gamer tag (or Hotmail Minecraft account) so that I can get you into my vast world of awesome blockness. Obviously I cannot post my Realm ID here for fear of anonymous Griefing, but if you are a Bruneian teacher, one of my students in the Multimedia for Language Learning postgrad course, or a reputed member of the global academic population interested in collaborating in building a Minecraft for Education world together, send me an e-mail with a brief description of what you want to do in my worlds. Just click the Envelope icon on my website and your default Mail platform will redirect you.